Divemaster Liz, she and Rolfino really worked hard helping us with our gear when we surfaced.  She also made sure my daughter had the smaller tanks Elizabeth prefers.  In addition to 80's, 63's and 50's were available.

Me - Elizabeth, my daughter and dive buddy, says for me to do something, not just hang there.  :-)

School of Blue Tang - they acted like a bunch of puppies - all over the reef looking for something to eat. Another small moray - I wonder if it would sit still for framing with the 1:3 macro next time :-) ?
Flounder centered on top of coral head Lots of these beautiful sponges
Tube coral from above. Prop of the Hilma Hooker - Rick Heydel lurking behind prop to take pictures of divers.
Small moray - saw lots of these, should have used the close-up lens. Seahorse, used close-up, didn't have 1:3 macro down with me, too bad.  I've finally figured out how to get it and the 16mm on the S&S lens carrier without poking myself in the face.
  Divemaster Rolfino aboard Alice H.  His briefings were a howl after a while - "Bow is in 30 feet, stern in 100, current may be from that direction, if not, it's from the other direction. Some fish and some coral.   The site is number 25 on your list."  Seriously, when there was important info, like the underwater landmarks to look for to find the boat, he went into all necessary detail.

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